About the Author

David Lloyd Marcus aka Dr. Ouch is a non-traditional storyteller from Pumphrey, Maryland, just south of Baltimore. As author and screenwriter David has become well known for his thought provoking body of work, some of which he has also directed and produced. Since the creation of his first project “Ouch This May Hurt”, the book, David  penned several other projects that strike the core of your being while speaking directly to your soul. Refusing to compromise, David’s books and films are consistent with his tell it like it is style of writing because of his unwavering belief; that, “there is healing in the truth”.  Through some painful, personal and professional experiences, Mr. Marcus proudly gives credit for much of his personal growth, education and successes to the School of Hard Knocks. This school has produced the needed wisdom to launch his brand thereby giving us the incomparable Dr. Ouch! Dr. Ouch grabs your attention while entertaining with purpose.

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